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Hausa Blue
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Persons unknown bring our world an adventure about identity, change and frocks. Lots of them.

From the contaminated capital to moth-eaten Bengal, a multi-racial British Empire is getting round to revolution. Will the Queen’s imposter be released from the Tower of London? Who is she now? Her lawyer clings to Justice but might lose her grip and how many of those bloody beautiful idiot women are there?

The New Management is making the Empire change and it in turn is changing them. The counter-revolutionary’s knees hurt and Joshi hasn’t got a suit that fits.

Welcome to an alternative past, present and future.

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Changing the Subject
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Are Somali pirates the only people she can trust? Can she navigate herself to freedom?

Sashay, stride, and scuffle in great boots and brave hat choices, with Sue and her friends as they do battle with Big fat Pharmas, off-piste agents and the DNA lottery.

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Welcome to the first comic contemporary novel from Kate Abley. Sue, a nice lady from Chingford, was 18 in 1979. Now, thanks to an Alzheimer’s Drugs trial gone wrong, or right, she is 18 again. But she soon remembers that youth isn’t all plain sailing; she’s in the dating pool with her daughters, the political waters are stormy and the public-private octopus wants her mental capacity.

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