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Okay, I’m Bored Now.

Despite having added nothing except a pointless privacy policy to my website in the last few months, it appears people are still looking at my website, so I had better explain.

Blogging was interesting for a while. But now that it has given me an insight into why regular newspaper columnists so often talk about the mundane, if not downright boring, I am going to stop. Writing my opinion about news items based on the opinions of journalists about the Covid testing inefficiencies currently experienced by the good people of Twickenham is verging on meta-boring. And my worries about what the powers that be are doing to our freedom are better channelled into other outlets.

Writing for the sake of writing something also brings out a cultural flaw in me. Just like many of my contemporaries I have a weakness for whinging. Being British I can , anathematize, bemoan, bewail, blub, berate, bicker, carp, complain, caterwaul, crab, condemn, curse, censure, criticize or critisise, drone, deplore, denounce, decry, , disapprove, disparage, expostulate, execrate, girn or gurn, greet, gripe, groan, grumble, grizzle, fuss, fret, inveigh, kvetch, knock, lament, moan, mewl, mither, niggle, nag, nitpick, object, objurgate, pan, peck, pick, pettifog, quibble, quarrel, reproach, rail, rag, repeat repeatedly, sniff, slur, sputter, squawk, snivel, scold, ululate, upbraid, witter, yap and yowl with the best of them. But I would rather let you ‘critique’ testing inefficiencies for yourself

I can’t sustain talking about myself because my life nowadays consists of a bit of exercise, domestic tasks (I broke my own wife-and-mother-strike in Lock-down), sitting down doing admin on two screens down the road, sitting down and typing on one screen at home, sitting down and reading in various places, and finding out about Testing inefficiencies in Twickenham. Unless you really were looking forward to how a middle-aged white woman developed her latest fusion supper; Moussagna, you will not find a hole in your life if I stop blogging.

There is also a part of me that feels that I am eroding my own privacy word by word.

In short; writing about my writing life takes me away from writing stories and is therefore an additional distraction I don’t need when I am working on a second draft.

So, when I have something interesting to say, that I think someone else might like to hear, I will write another blog. Until then, have a lovely time.

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