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I got out more!

I got back from Folkestone quite late night and I am tired but happy. While I learned that I gotta get a much lighter gimmick, not only did I get to promote my book,

thanks to the wonderful Karen Marwood but I also got to meet a great variety of other independent authors.

In addition, travelling to a place that was close to the heart, and spade, of HG Wells I was inspired to start a short story from my hotel room buffeted by the sea. Undistracted by the demands of home and hearth I wrote two and half thousand words into the night.

Given that lugging a suitcase full of books, apples and brandy around the South East of England is actually quite tiring and I am back in London with stuff to do I fully intend to stay in bed all day on Sunday and finish the tale.

I read all Well's short stories about 45 years ago and so the story is also an homage to the ones who came after. Set in London and Folkestone it describes a classic tale of alien invasion and human rebellion with a very contemporary twist. It should be ready some time next week and I will put it up on this website.

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