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The 'Science Part' of Changing the Subject

Okay, so freebie promotions don't have any effect on sales so I am going to do what I intended before I read all the How-to guides; a free chapter.

I did quite a bit of research for Changing the Subject. I looked into genetic modification experiments and techniques as well as the in and outs of how medical research industry/policy works in the UK and EU.

Then, working on the assumption that anyone who works in Government beyond the pay-grade of Tea-Lady must be a sneaky bastard to survive I wrote out how it would all work for Sue, the nice lady from Chingford, who stars in my story.

The 'Science Part' chapter was included in the early drafts of Changing the Subject as a print additional chapter. When I decided to self-publish I thought it would fit better online.

In the book DR Angela Carter is a medical ethicist working for a Government Quango who befriended Sue when she was recovering from the drug trail gone wrong, or right, She shows Sue and her daughters a draft of her report for the Parliamentary Health Select Committee ostensibly looking into the policy implications of a British Citizen holding the potential for rejuvenation in her genes. The draft that they read did not include the report conclusion or recommendations because Angela said she had not written them yet. She lied.

If you subscribe to my website you can read The Science Part Chapter and, if you haven't already, hopefully buy the book!

You're worth it

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