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Aren't People Wonderful

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Yes you, Alex Cameron.

As per the How To guides I am trying to get my ethereal presence to reflect what I am actually doing. And there I was, conducting my bi-or-tri-annual update of my LinkedIn page, which includes pressing ‘Connect’ until I get bored as well as editing what I’m up to, when, for the first time ever, someone messaged me.

It was the lovely Alex Cameron, partner to the wonderful Irene, who doesn’t do social media, and father to three beautiful, lively and fascinating children under seven, who don’t do social media either. They have all recently overcome the aspect of Brexitphobia that says that the UK will lose all ties with Europe immediately and float off, lonely and friendless, into the Atlantic. They have moved to Spain, and so far, appear to be able to communicate with people back here perfectly well.

Alex Cameron was writing from his new home in 30 degrees of heat while sipping a cold, delicious and very cheap beer, but it might as well have been an actual heaven as far as I’m concerned; the man is, to all intents and purposes, an angel.

Alex Cameron is a Designer, and while I have never really appreciated what a Designer is, I am now very glad that he is one. And that I babysat his fantastic children a few times when they lived in London, which was actually my pleasure but let’s not dwell on that now.

Alex Cameron is going to design my book jacket. And Alex Cameron is a very good designer, his work is good to look at, innovative, and sharp in a way that, as a dyslexic, I find easy to read and pleasing to the eye.

This is such a relief; two of the four How To guides I read said that, if a Self-Publisher spends money on anything it should be the cover. But the bloody website already took more cash than I had anticipated and sitting about writing in my kitchen has seriously reduced how much I have to spend. Ian, my Love, husband, Partner, Friend was going to do it and he is a sort of designer because he has a degree in architecture. But he is very busy with his day job and writing about fire-stopping and Grenfell, as well as, how can I put this? His style is a little bit too architectural for me.

Alex Cameron says he will do the jacket for nothing, which while just about being within my very tight budget, I do feel bad about. Yes, fags are a third of the price in Spain, but still. So I am going to give him a third of some of probably no money that I make from selling the book with the brilliant cover. As well as make sure that ‘Cover Design by Alex Cameron’ is written in, I’m sure, clear bold print in an, I’m sure, appropriate place.

Not only has this happened, which is just fantastic, but it all occurred while I was nipping out to get the Youngest some new socks and get my nails done, that is on the move, the hoof, gadding about and mobile, like on the telly. Although I would not recommend trying to write about Amazon specs on a very small screen half way through the application of a Very Cherry Shellac, I’m glad I have experienced something approximating what we’re all supposed to want.

Thank you Alex Cameron

If anyone knows anything about websites, you know how to get in touch.

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4 comentarios

Hi Alex, just sent Manda's email via Linkedin. xxxxxxxx

Me gusta

Too kind... and can you tell Manda that she needs to add 10 years of ‘cigarettes and alcohol’ to the photo - and it will be much closer to the truth - but thanks!!

Irene asked me, after she tripped over my swelling ego, on way to the bar, if She could get Manda’s email address. Thanks both. X

Me gusta

Yes Manda, Irene who you used to work with is Alex's partner and they live in Spain now. Sorry not to have replied sooner, it took me a while to work out how to sign in on my own website!?!?

Me gusta

I should be saying stuff about you and your project but....Woah! Isn’t he still gorgeous?! Is the Irene he is married to the Irene that used to work with me at the centre?

Me gusta
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